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Stop Day, Play Date Event

Posted: December 23rd, 2010 | Author: admin | Filed under: Photography |

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010
Tonic Nightclub
Columbia, MO

I had the privilege of shooting the promo photos for this event and then covering the event for my good friends over at Red Bull North America. This event was conceptualized by Erin Woody (Red Bull), taking high definition Red Bull athlete / cultural video footage and letting video DJ’s Jay-E and Costik (Screenwerks) put their creative twist on it. The event was a complete success and a lot of fun to watch / shoot. The DJ booth was a very tight fit with all the DJ equipment and there weren’t many places to place the remote speed-lights. Regardless I think the shoot turned out well. Check out the website:


Club Tonic

Club Tonic

Club Tonic

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Screenwerks Promo Shoot

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DJ Jay-E and Costik

I shot these at the St. Louis Screenwerks hideout last month for an upcoming event and promotional use. One hour, 2 Nikon speed-lights, and soft-box.

These guys are incredibly talented DJs that have recently taken the music video DJ’ing and editing world by storm. You can check out the other crew members and some of their work here:



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I recently shot family photos for my good friend Tom Carron, his wife Tanvi, newborn son Kaden, and dog Tiger. I’ve only done a few of these shoots and I’m please with how the photos turned out. I’ve recently acquired a Cheetah soft box and 3 Phottix Atlas wireless flash triggers and this was one of the first shoots I completed using the new equipment.