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Posted: December 22nd, 2010 | Author: admin | Filed under: Friends, Photography |

I recently shot family photos for my good friend Tom Carron, his wife Tanvi, newborn son Kaden, and dog Tiger. I’ve only done a few of these shoots and I’m please with how the photos turned out. I’ve recently acquired a Cheetah soft box and 3 Phottix Atlas wireless flash triggers and this was one of the first shoots I completed using the new equipment.





The Force – Delux Mag Shoot

Posted: April 8th, 2010 | Author: admin | Filed under: Friends, Photography |

Shot this set for Brooklyn Mike over at Delux Mag a few months back. It took a while to get everyone lined up but I think the end result was pretty powerful. The Force is a loose collective of promoters, artists, DJs, MC’s, photographers, tastemakers, producers, and musicians in St. Louis. I’m not sure who is “officially” in The Force or what it takes to gain membership. I do know that everyone pictured below is 100% legit and good at what they do.

Check out the print that will be featured, a few I like, and a few out takes that are “Classick”…..


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The Cool Kids / Clipse Tour – Summer 2009

Posted: October 10th, 2009 | Author: admin | Filed under: Friends, Photography |

This is a collection of photos I snapped recently on the road with The Cool Kids and the Clipse. My priority was shooting video for a new Cool Kids documentary that Ch’rewd is putting together so I didn’t have a lot of time to use the still camera. I think a got a few decent shots amongst the madness…..



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Streetfighterz “ROC” 2009 – Day 2

Posted: October 2nd, 2009 | Author: admin | Filed under: Friends, Photography |

Things almost got out of control (like Grahm pictured below almost dumping his stand-up wheelie on Hwy 270) but that seems to be the case every time these guys hit the highway. Sunday was a beautiful day for a ride. No wrecks, no fights, no cops, and no rain. Everybody wins………


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Streetfighterz “ROC” 2009 – Day 1

Posted: October 1st, 2009 | Author: admin | Filed under: Friends, Photography |

Local street-bike stunters “The Streetfighterz” hold an annual event in St. Louis called Ride Of The Century. In a nutshell this event consists of a large highway ride followed by a lot session somewhere in the city. Every year holds new surprises. The only thing organized is where and when the ride starts. Police, traffic, luck, and the law of averages make up for everything else that happens. The photos below consist of The Streetfighterz (AZ, DJ, Vaughn, and Sit Down Steve), Section 518, Grahm, and several other unknown riders.

I have been working with these guys for the last 4 -5 years helping them out with events, sponsorship, shooting video, and just hanging out. I have been waiting to shoot this event ever since I picked up a decent still camera and lens last November.


My boy Keith Mokris came in town from Cleveland to shoot stills and video. He is super talented, look him up at www.keithmokris.com. Here we are below snapping away on highway 44! This gives you an idea of how wild this ride really is!

Shooting With Mokris – ROC 2009 from Wes Allmond on Vimeo.

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Haystak and Stogie @ Pops – 8.13.09

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This is a set I shot at Pops last month for the homie Stogie. Pretty tight show with Haystak (from Nashville) headlining, Stogie co-headling, and Kenny Knox + 6 other groups opening up. I always like shooting at Pops because people really get into the music and don’t give a fuck who is watching.


Click the tiles to see the full size photo.

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The Great Hangover Tour – Photo ReCap

Posted: September 10th, 2009 | Author: admin | Filed under: Friends, Photography |

Working for Ch’rewd has never been the average 9-5 gig, and this past month was no different. We recently started managing a new group from the West Coast, Pac-Div. These guys are 100% real hip-hop from LA, CA. The group consists of MiBBs, Like, Be Young, and DJ Sean G. I was assigned to road manage the groups first official promo tour, following The Great Hangover Tour with B.o.B., Asher Roth, and Kid Cudi. This was my first tour as an acting road manger. We drove 9,000 miles in 3 weeks, covering Kansas City, Denver, Park City, Las Vegas, LA, San Fran, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, Houston, and Atlanta. Talk about the madness! My serenity came with experiences like driving the van through a Texas lighting storm listening to Atliens or at 6 AM with the sun rising over Lake Pontchartrain on US 10 headed to Atlanta with the whole crew passed out. It gave me a lot of time to digest the events that took place each night. As a photographer it gave me a chance to capture some great moments out on the road. I met some great people out there that I hope to cross paths with in the near future. Here are my favorite pics from the trip. (44 Total)

Texas Lighting Show from Pac Div on Vimeo.

Asher Roth

Kid Cudi

B.o.B. aka Bobby Ray


Click the thumbnails to see the rest….

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Fast Eddies Run – 5.30.09

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A full day of beautiful driving and drinks with the homies. Hit Grafton, IL first and made our way to Alton, IL. Did Fast Eddies big and finished the night bonging beers on my back deck. It was a great Saturday.

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