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Meet Curtis, a one year old pit bull / bulldog mix we have just made a part of our family. We adopted Curtis a few days ago from the Missouri Humane Society and have been getting to know each other this week



Curtis In The Snow

Curtis In The Snow from Wes Allmond on Vimeo.





Stop Day, Play Date Event

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Wednesday, December 8th, 2010
Tonic Nightclub
Columbia, MO

I had the privilege of shooting the promo photos for this event and then covering the event for my good friends over at Red Bull North America. This event was conceptualized by Erin Woody (Red Bull), taking high definition Red Bull athlete / cultural video footage and letting video DJ’s Jay-E and Costik (Screenwerks) put their creative twist on it. The event was a complete success and a lot of fun to watch / shoot. The DJ booth was a very tight fit with all the DJ equipment and there weren’t many places to place the remote speed-lights. Regardless I think the shoot turned out well. Check out the website:


Club Tonic

Club Tonic

Club Tonic

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Screenwerks Promo Shoot

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DJ Jay-E and Costik

I shot these at the St. Louis Screenwerks hideout last month for an upcoming event and promotional use. One hour, 2 Nikon speed-lights, and soft-box.

These guys are incredibly talented DJs that have recently taken the music video DJ’ing and editing world by storm. You can check out the other crew members and some of their work here:



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I recently shot family photos for my good friend Tom Carron, his wife Tanvi, newborn son Kaden, and dog Tiger. I’ve only done a few of these shoots and I’m please with how the photos turned out. I’ve recently acquired a Cheetah soft box and 3 Phottix Atlas wireless flash triggers and this was one of the first shoots I completed using the new equipment.





Financial Aid @ 2720 w/ Tef Poe, Corey Black, and Family Affair

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Tef Poe, Corey Black, and Family Affair LIVE @ 2720 for the Financial Aid Art Show.

All incorporated music and art will feature references to the financial aid process, wealth, greed, materialism, and the necessity for a sustainable income, inaccessibility of affordable education, the over-saturation of bureaucracy, and the immersion of wealth and materialism in the arts and music. All aspects of the show will link together, and there will be added live interactive elements of our theme executed spontaneously throughout the evening.

Created by http://18andcounting.com/home.html, http://www.dmndtv.com/, and http://theflyingfish.org/



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The Force – Delux Mag Shoot

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Shot this set for Brooklyn Mike over at Delux Mag a few months back. It took a while to get everyone lined up but I think the end result was pretty powerful. The Force is a loose collective of promoters, artists, DJs, MC’s, photographers, tastemakers, producers, and musicians in St. Louis. I’m not sure who is “officially” in The Force or what it takes to gain membership. I do know that everyone pictured below is 100% legit and good at what they do.

Check out the print that will be featured, a few I like, and a few out takes that are “Classick”…..


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Mardi Gras in Saint Louis

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I usually party and gut crunk like everyone else at Mardi Gras in St. Louis, but this year I was on the other side if the bar. I chose to serve drinks outside at one of the benchmark establishments in the Soulard neighborhood, McGurks at 12th and Russel. My girlfriend’s sister and brother and law collectively run the bar on a daily basis and are in charge of making the wheels turn during Mardi Gras. They bring in extra staff each year to handle the influx of party people inside and outside. I was offered the chance to serve drinks, drink for free, eat for free, and make some money in the process. I couldn’t really pass that offer up and still got a chance to snap a few pics in between the action.

This intersection is and has been a favorite spot to congregate after the official Grand Parade ends on Saturday. Props to DJs A-Flex and Charlie Chan on the turntables and Ian from Iron Man Sound making the sound roar for miles.

General Manager Jason Greene Prepping His Staff

The Lovely Ladies of McGurks

Before The Crowd


The Tower Of Bass

Warming Up

Dance Off!

The Party In Full Swing









It Aint A Party If EMS Don’t Show Up!

The Aftermath


Some Love from CNN

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This past Sunday I set out on a journey to capture at least one Missouri frozen over solid. I had stories of the Mississippi freezing over a few times in the early 1900′s was hoping to capture the it frozen over solid since we had a low of 0° F the night before. The scene was very cold, foggy, and quiet since it was still around 5° F that morning.

To my disappointment it was not frozen over, at least not where I was, downtown near the Poplar Street Bridge. The only river that appeared to be frozen over solid was the Meremac in Fenton, MO. I still got a few cool shots of and got some love from CNN as an iReporter. The Mississippi post I made got 178,000 views in one day! I’ll take that free press any day of the week.

The Mighty Mississip

Screen shot 2010-01-14 at 1.27.28 AM

CNN Story

Here are the shots CNN posted + a few other Mississippi shots I like.







Meremac River Frozen Over


CNN Story

Missouri River




CNN Story

If you are a photog you should sign up as an iReporter for CNN. It’s a great way to get your pics out worldwide!

Frozen In Saint Charles

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Thursday, January 7th, 2010 – 1:00PM – 12° F – 30 MPH wind. I had been inside well over 24 hours and couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed my camera, layered up, and headed down to Main Street in Saint Charles. This place was a ghost town at 1:00pm in the afternoon. That’s how cold it was outside! I was hoping the Missouri River was gong to be frozen solid………maybe by Saturday. Here are a few photos I snapped.


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Shooting Christmas Lights……And A Car!

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This is my first real attempt at shooting Christmas lights. I shot this particular set for one of our clients The Saint Louis Science Center. We are currently in the middle of a grassroots campaign for the new exhibit “Dinosaurs Unearthed”. Jellystone National Park in Eureka, MO has recently become one of our promotional partners, and having just wrapped up their annual “Santa’s Magical Kingdom” light display, we took the chance to head out there on the last day to grab some cool shots with the Dinosaurs Unearthed Street Team vehicle. Traffic in the park was light giving us some freedom to set up a few cool shots. A car or two made it into the shots adding movement and giving you the idea that the park was indeed open and consumers were seeing the vehicle in action. St. Louis Mini provided a 2009 Mini Cooper Clubman S for the team to drive during the campaign and they, we, I love it! The vehicle was done by Adgraphix and really makes it pop. Check out the pics…..